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weird food issue

idk why but i am having issues with this food i just tried, taramosalata. if you don't like links, it is a spread made out of cured carp roe and olive oil that looks like small red caviar mixed into that shitty marshmallow spread.

it's really rich and delicious and not as fishy or as salty as you'd expect it to be. it tastes amazing on bread. it is the perfect addition to any crudites or mezze. but i always fear eating it.

i know it tastes delish, but i have issues around it. i think it's because the first time i tasted it i was really afraid that it would taste like cum.

god, that wikipedia picture is just disgusting. it looks more like this:

in addition to my lifelong fear that things besides cum will taste like it, i think the problem here is that it actually looks revolting. the texture and the colour are just so unappealing, yet it is seriously tasty shit. i don't think i could eat the one with food colouring if you paid me.

i am really stalling, here :(


not even the promise of getting through the 6th one and moving on to thomas hobbes holds any appeal :(

my sister wrote "life is 'nasty, british, and short'" as a hobbes quote on an exam once. i think the word she was looking for was 'brutish'

kind of sweet

put aside the grossness that is bathing somewhere chicken is cleaned or whatever, and put aside your disgust that nobody taught them how unsanitary this is.

there's something cute about the dumb teenagers bathing in the KFC sink. well, not the act itself, but the fact they describe their girls at KFC as a family. it reminded me of working at the banquet hall and the church supply store when i was there age. nothing brings teenage girls together like a bunch of old italian ladies nagging you, or a crazy ass religious store owner with borderline personality disorder. lol.

i know what i want for christmas, but i should have specified this earlier because people probably already bought me stuff.

-alcohol. a nice sauternes or barolo would be great.
-winter stuff like hats, gloves, scarves, neckwarmers... especially hats with ear flaps!
-expensive shampoo from fancy places that is good for brittle, dry, frizzy, curly hair

oh and i have a recipe for you if you like coffee and if you like peanut butter and jam sandwiches:

PBJ COFFEE (or you can refer to it by the more cutesy 'pbj for grownups')

-chambord (a shot or half a shot)
-frangelico (same as above)

seriously, it's good! i was sceptical because i totally hate coffee with fruit flavour, but it's awesome.

more shit about canadian politics

i have to stop reading the comments sections of websites:

for some reason, the prime minister has chosen to directly address the nation and I CANT FUCKING WATCH IT :( hahahaCollapse )

4. the shame is all for you, pal. get a goddamn socials textbook and learn about your country's constitution. look up the difference between a minority government and a majority government. look up coalition government. look up governor general. yeah, our head of state ... is a viceroy. sexy.

update: he just used the soapbox to get some talking points out. nothing was announced. what a waste of taxpayer dollars/time/whatever.

he is meeting the governor general and is probably going to prorogue parliament.
this is without precedent, which is a big deal because our rules of governance are based largely on convention. the role of the prime minister isn't mentioned once in the constitution, so precedent is all we have to go by in terms of judging whether he is overstepping his bounds.

"sort it out with the politburo"

so, the new republic had an article about how slavoj zizek is a VERY BAD MAN.

our conversation about it was funny.

him: he loves violent revolution and he advocates it ... he is a communist!
me: no, the communists only really wanted one revolution. zizek just sees violence as inevitable. it's cyclical.
him: whatever, sort it out with the politburo. these details bore me.

i still don't know why it is so damn threatening to liberal americans that there's this academic crazyman out there writing freudian/marxist cultural theory that discusses violence on a macro level, that sees basic, low-level subjugation (eg your boss being a dick, getting on your knees for a bj, little things like that) as part of the same kind as an all-out state-on-state bloodbath war.

gucci socialists are not the enemy. what would friggin zizek do without his grants, publishing deals, and other trappings of liberal democratic universities? he isn't inciting revolution. guerrillas aren't about to bring him up anytime soon. at that point, we can talk. when actual killing begins in his name, and not just cultural studies papers of dubious relevance, let's call him out for endorsing war.

it's not hate speech and it isn't inciting people to kill. it's just some shit a guy wrote so people who have very bad feelings about society can dwell on all the violence and alienation.

read some zizek! do it for the lulz!
slowly, and not surely but it would be nice if harper no longer ran shit.

he's really not canadian at all. i'm not talking about his cuts to the arts or his talk of privatizing some medical services. yeah, medicare is kind of a sacred cow - the way some people talk about canada, you'd think it's a giant fucking hospital and not a country.

he is uncanadian because he:
-doesn't hold free and frequent press conferences, electing instead to deliver soundbites via a press secretary. lol, like the president.
-he muzzles his members of parliament
-he rarely participates in the scrum. the scrum is like, our proudest political tradition. every day, the media waits at the bottom of the stairs to the prime minister's office, which also enables them to block the main entrance to the house of commons. they swarm every politician that tries to go in and out and harass the hell out of them like a bunch of paps on britney.

canadians have nothing better to do than care about the house of commons, so this is sad.

also, it really annoys me how everyone thinks the liberal-ndp coalition is going to accomplish anything. i wish they could get the bloc on side and actually have a majority coalition, but the quebecers in the liberals would never allow separatists in their government. meh.

anyway, i hope this works out, if only to see harper's shitty face all sad and dejected.


lol y so stupid

i JUST figured out that black friday and buy nothing day are the same day. lol, adbusters, FAIL. and a big ole FAIL to me, too. i should be better at keeping fake holidays apart.

i remember the first time i heard about 'buy nothing day' was from these college hippies who were waiting til midnight so they could go to t-ho's and buy themselves coffee and donuts as to not violate the sanctity of the anti-capitalist high holiday.

la politique du bla bla bla

i feel like i have to write this somewhere because this issue is making me insane to the point where i am being rude to folks online and also in person and i intern at a queer-oriented place and it just comes up every fucking day and i'm not even a nice person to begin with and no, this won't end well.

i am soooo fucking tired of people linking obama's election to the passage of prop 8. there is an incredible degree of overlap between the two groups because the vote was held on the same day, but the process in deciding who to elect and what to pass is contingent on so many different things.

this is not restricted to the outright racist dan savage type outbursts. even a simple "i don't believe that society has changed so much that a black man can be elected president but that california can vote down gay marriage" is just such an incomprehensible reaction to me. progress is incremental, and i just don't see (as in i totally and completely fail to see) how someone can say that and not expect that they may come off a little bitter that another group got a little more enfranchised that day.

it's not all going to happen at once, and you may not be first in line. hell, half of your identity may benefit before society embraces you as a whole.

notwithstanding the fact that extending rights by referenda is totally fucked and exactly what the greeks were talking about when they warned us about democracy, the matter of whether a single person would make a good president and the matter of which rights should be extended to which people are two entirely different things. i don't think it's counterintuitive that california (on the whole) can decide that this particular african american guy is suited to be president but that same-sex couples in general can't marry. ever heard some racist twit say "but he/she is one of the good ones?" yeah. voting for obama need not imply a voter's attitudes towards african americans or social liberal causes in general - hell, he waffles on the issue himself.

so i work at this gay bastion of gayness, and i love it... but prop 8 is making me hate it. if you want to win the ballot measures, you have to play it the way the winners do. we can't rely on the same 10 gay millionaires when we are up against huge churches (remember how that tons of little donors thing worked for obama, and for harper in canada), and we can't rely on the same political organizing when we need to make inroads with groups and communities that lgbt rights orgs have failed to reach out to in the past. the movement has gotten less white since i first participated in things 10 years ago, but there is a ways to go.
i love how people are friendly *and* confrontational at the same time. god bless the east coast and may someone who lives here learn how to grow good bud sometime soon.

speaking of friendly and confrontational, i spent thanksgiving with mr alexander's family.

i'm so tired. why do russians like cognac so much? i'll never figure that one out. cognac, bailey's, sheridans - what happened to vodka? it's so much more drinkable. i watched 'moscow doesn't believe in tears' for the lulz. his grandparents were shocked that i would watch something that stupid. i don't think they get the concept of lulz.

the film's presentation of soviet communism as a meritocracy made it an interesting watch, anyway. it's not a spoiler if i state that all the bad guys/idle rich get punished because that's how mass-market commie films roll. the excessive chauvinism made me gag, but that's what i get for being a hippie.