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in_vino_vanitas's Journal

make way for the factotum
1 January 1982
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rants about nothing (ie nerd stuff/canadian politics), laundry lists of everything i ingested that day, lists of everything i haet and heart, pathetic/disturbing tendency to recall high school drama in vivid detail even though i'm 27. excessive use of profanity and whatnot.
24h dépanneurs, antivan crows, aria t'loak, atomic age kitsch, chairlifts, cinco toys, cloisonne fish, congee, drink, elcor hamlet, ensign ro, entheogens, giant squids, gregorian chant, happy vappy, history paintings, hookahs, ikura don, just visiting canada, kreia, large ships, morrigan, n7, neon signage, octopi, proper cigarette disposal, public transit, red sand, shit analogies, social art history, space cake, space nazis, tampon art, the illusive man, the night, the outdoors, whisky, worst case ontarios